Monday, October 13, 2008

Scripture Study and Prayer

Hello Everyone...

I suppose it's been a week now since conference, however, the spirit of repentance has remained within our household. Carl and I, felt an urgency to listen to the Prophets voice. We felt as he spoke that the time for procrastinating the "things we know we should do" is UP! We've not only wasted time given to us but we needed to be more diligent in studying our scriptures as a couple. I am happy to report that we have made great improvement. Carl and I have worked together to study the word of God together each morning before Carl leaves for work.

I'd like to testify of the difference it has made in our days, our relationship (bringing us closer together) and the spirit that I've felt throughout my daily routine. I know that if you too come unto Christ by reading his word, you too will feel of his love for you and become even has he is. Take the challenge, rise to your greatest potential, now is not the time to tread water, lolly gaggle, or twiddle your thumbs... NOW is the time to show our master we love and worship him that we can be found in holy places, within our minds, actions, and deeds.

May God be merciful and may the Lord protect us throughout these tumultuous times, is my prayer.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Love in a lunchbox

Okay Ladies! Let me ask you a question? Do you love your man! I know that's a silly question - of course you love him! You'd do anything for him! Right? Do you get up in the morning and make him breakfast? Do you make him a lunch to take to work? I struggled with this one for years. He's a grown man and can make it himself. I make my own breakfast and lunch! No one does it for me! He can make his own too! You know what - I found I was missing the point. We love those we serve. If you don't already know this, men are different then us women! Nothing says I love you more than doing things for him because you love him. (Don't you feel special when he does things for you?) Getting up and making him some breakfast(then going back to bed!) Sending him off to work - for you - with a lunch so he doesn't have to leave work to buy some lunch or go without. Doing his laundry, folding his clothes, hanging up his shirts, keeping the house clean, taking care of your children, teaching them right from wrong, making him dinner and being romantic. We do a lot of things - because we love our family. That's why a mother loves her children so much - she does things for them. It's the same with our spouse, our lover, our friend, our confidant. I promise you that if you get up with him - be with him before he goes to work - make him breakfast and lunch - you will grow more and more in love with the man you married. And he'll grow more and more in love you! He'll see that you are selfless and really do care about him and really do love him. He'll go to work with a lighter step, with a smile on his face. The world could come crashing down on him, but he'll still be happy because his wife loves him enough to get up and make him lunch! So if there are still some of you out there that haven't started making your man some lunch I hope that you'll change your mind and love your man more! When you love them more, more love comes back to you.
A lunch made with love, for the people I love! (Right now I'm making lunch for 2! My honey and my son!)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Want to contribute?

Well, I've been thinking about posting. I don't want to be the only one. So, I've sent out a few invitations to people to add their ideas as well. If you would like to post to this blog instead of just commenting, just send me a comment and I'll respond back. Very simple. It'll be great to see some more perspectives and give each other things to think about. Hope to hear from some of you soon!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Well, I've started this blog in hopes that readers will contribute their wisdom and knowledge about life and marriage.

I got the idea while standing in line, greeting people at my daughters wedding reception. My sister whispered in her ear a little sage advice to help her as she starts this new journey called marriage. That was the second time that day and I said, "My, you have quite a few of those don't you" (teasingly) and she said, "I have tons!" And I know other people do too! So, if you have visited my blog, you'll know about this one and hopefully, you'll leave bits of wisdom and advice for the rest of us to read. So, if you know who wrote something that you find useful, or you've come up with a little bit of advice all on your own, let us know! I don't want to get in trouble for not giving credit where credit is due, so please try to know your sources!

One (of the many) things I've learned in my almost 30 years of marriage is FORGIVENESS.

There are many times when we do stuff that the other person doesn't like and they get angry or upset. It doesn't pay to hold a grudge - you're the one being miserable! I do however do my best cleaning when I'm mad! After I'm done cleaning I do try to quickly forgive OR seek forgiveness and then I try to FORGET! Satan is doing everything in his power to destroy marriages and families and I'm not going to give him the satisfaction!

Now I mentioned my daughters wedding. I have to tell you a little story about this cute little couple! He's so funny and romantic and they are so in love with each other. On the day before their wedding, he called and asked her to go to the front door - he had left a message for her. She went to the front door and found a piece of paper folded up on the step. She opened it and he had written her a poem. It was a sweet little poem about 24 - 24 more hours and they would be together forever as husband and wife. At the end he told her that she needed to go to the side door. She went to the side door and opened it and there he was, holding 24 roses! What a wonderful surprise! And it was so sweet. They had pictures taken that evening. You should have seen his face when he saw her for the first time in her wedding dress! (He once tried to bribe me with 2 dozen Paradise Bakery cookies if he could see it!) I think he almost started crying! She was beautiful! I proudly say that because I'm her mother! But it's true even if I wasn't! There's something about a young couple who have saved themselves for each other. They're coming into this marriage clean and pure. They glowed! They are commited to each other! It's wonderful! Well, I'm going on and on. It's your turn. Send me your comments and I'll post them if they are appropriate. We look forward to hearing from you!